Wednesday 9th November 2016






 Attended:  President: Yvonne Lawrence, Chairman: Brian Moore, League, Secretary & Treasurer: Clive Stewart (Clare),   Competition Secretary: Tony Green (Quendon), League Captain: Alan Smith (Delphi), League Fixture/Results     Secretary: Kevin Nichols (Stoke by Clare), Management Committee members: Terry Neville (Birdbrook),  Ray Farrant (Stoke by Clare), Richard Young & Jo Young (Delphi), and Phillip Longstaff (Castle Hedingham)   Also attended: Balsham A & B (Peter Day, Keith Cottage and Peter Day), Castle Camps (Tom Walker), Castle Hedingham A, B , C   & D ( Arthur Spackman & Brian Jones), Cavendish A ,B & C  ( David Wright &  John Williamott),  Haverhill Town A & B (John Senior) Karro (David Taylor) Radwinter (Mick Barnes, Steve Green & Brian Hyett)   Sudbury (Ann Baker & Len Baker) Steeple Bumpstead A & B (Len & Pam Russell), Clare (Roger Crocombe)

  Apologies:  Ken Follett (Cavendish) & Graham Smith (Sudbury).

 Brian Moore opened the meeting with a moments silence in memory of all players who have passed away in the past twelve months. 

  President Yvonne Lawrence: Good evening fellow bowlers. First of all I would like to thank all the Committee for their hard work and   support this season and look forward to working with the new and old committee members next season.   I would also like to express my thanks to Alan Smith and Terry Neville for their input over the last years     since being in office.  This year we had a season full of sunshine and warmth enjoyed by all clubs and players. It made a lovely    change to be able to bowl in the warmth instead of in the wet. Our 70th Anniversary celebrations went off     very well and I would like to thank Ken Follett and Clive Stewart for their hard work. It was disappointing   that all clubs were not represented.
As a League we had a good year, again we had a successful Presidents Day unfortunately not every Club in   the League was represented .Hopefully all Clubs will actually have at least one team represented at the      Presidents next season.
  I hope you all enjoy the indoor season and look forward to seeing you all again next season. It now leaves  me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

 Brian Moore Chairman: Brian Moore welcomed everyone to the meeting and thnaked the Managment Comittee for all their hard work throughout the year.It was a good year for bowls with many tight matches and he hoped that everyone enjoyed themselves. There was a good Finals Day at Castle Hedingham, who hosted the day really weel. We also enjoyed ourselves at Castle Camps for The Dick Moody. AS regards The Champs vs The Rest , Brian Moore stated that he did not think that Alan Smith, League Captain , had the support from everyone he deserved. Brian continued by saying that if the Clubs do not want The Champs vs The Rest then we can present the trophies on Finals Day or put them on a courier to the winners.  As reagrds the 70th Anniversary he was disappointed to see that only a few Clubs decided to support the day.


League Secretary’s report.

 AGM  & The Federation League:  It was advised to me that OUR AGM was the same date as The Federation League tonight.  When I “investigated this fact”- as we booked our date last November and published it on our website - I found that The Federation League had changed their normal date by a week. Those Clubs who send representatives to The Federation League’s AGM obviously did not tell them of the information when The Federation League decided to change their date for 2016.I have in the past week written to BOTH the Men and Ladies Secretaries of The Federation advising them that I have booked our AGM in 2017 for Wednesday 9th November with Haverhill Town Bowls Club which is our usual date! I have not had any reply from them.

 Handbook. The Registration form for 2017 was sent out to ALL Club Secretaries and a few have already responded. I have made it simple and printed it in black and given a deadline of 1st February 2017. The draft handbook has started and will include the same pages as before including Club’s postal codes and their smoking policies and mobile phone polices.   If anyone has any ideas for new pages please let me know. Hedingham School printed them and I shall ask them again in 2017.

 70TH Anniversary Triples 2016 /Buster Moore 2017:

 Well what can I say?  Firstly many thanks to Ken for organising the actual fixtures on the day when all players played within the spirit of the day. Also to Jo and Richard who worked very hard to raise a great amount for the raffle and  the prizes were tremendous and all those who donated them was very much appreciated.    We did not raise as much as I hoped due to the lack of support by many Clubs-see the Treasurer’s report.  Why so many Clubs did not find one triples beats me and maybe we need to ask you what we need to do to get more Teams for The Buster Moore 2017.As some of you know due to a puff of wind which blew the Sponsors banners (set up behind the table) on to the glass trophies smashing two of them - they were replaced at a cost of £27 to the League. I gave the replaced trophies to the relevant Clubs. Haverhill Town Bowls Club took the extra trophy and when presenting it to their was dropped and smashed on the floor! I was contacted by Haverhill and I put them in touch with the suppliers who then arranged for a new one to be sent to them at their cost! There will be a Buster Moore for 2017.

 LEAGUE TIES. Sorry to go on about this but I have 30 ties left at £10 each which is in essence £300 which is needed for the League , I only purchased forty and thought we would have more orders based on the AGM members who asked for ties but no response so it is disappointing.

 WEBSITE: I sometimes wonder what people think a website is all about as occasionally received questions regarding various “Information” and when I replied I advised them to look under “Information” on the website! The website was very useful especially as so many changes had to be made into fixtures and the handbook was a little out of date.  Once we have the AGM I will request the following to be amended to the website:-Teams to be moved from one Division to another for 2017. If you think there is anything missing from the website please let me know.

 DELPHI BOWLS CLUB: Clive Stewart read out a letter from Mike Vickers, Secretary, and Delphi Bowls Club in which he advised that the Club had closed down due to circumstances beyond their control.

 Brian Moore, Chairman thanked Clive Stewart for all his work both during the Winter months and also the season. 


Treasurers report (CBS).  The Annual Income and Expenditure was distributed to every Club Secretary before the AGM and there were no  comments from any Clubs members who attended.

  Clive Stewart then read out another Expenditure and Income report in which he estimated for 2017 the  League will have a loss of over £650.

 He advised that this report was given to The League Management Committee at a recent meeting. At that meeting   the Management Committee has proposed for tonight’s AGM that the Team Subscriptions should be increased  from £50 to £65 to help reduce the loss in 2017. However this was not seconded by any Club and therefore was  ot a vote so there will NOT be an increase in the Subscriptions.

 Brian Moore, Chairman thanked Clive Stewart for all his work throughout the year.


 League Result/Fixture Secretary report (KN).

I feel it’s been another successful year for the league; we started off with 27 teams, and ended up with 25. The finals day held at Castle Hedingham Bowls Club was a great success, although the weather did spoil it for the players in the last session.

As stated in my 2015 report the fixtures for the 2016 season were completed using a free readily available app. This made the whole process much easier than last year, and much less time consuming. The fixtures were sent to all club secretaries at the beginning of December 2015, for clubs to look at, and comment upon, if required. There were a couple of minor changes needed, which were done easily, these fixtures then went to the League Secretary for printing in the handbook.

Unfortunately Castle Camps B withdrew from the league before the start of the season, and Saffron Walden withdrew in the middle of the season. Both Clubs were in Div 2, so therefore this affected the number of games in that league.  For the 2017 season I propose that the fixtures are produced and sent out before week ending 08/01/17 to all club secretaries. Any issues will then need to be notified to myself before the 29/01/17. At this point I will forward them on to the League sec for printing, having made any adjustments.

The only real issue I had during the season was a request by two clubs to move a Monday night game, as the clubs concerned were actually playing a game in a different league. This I was not prepared to do. For the 2017 season I will be given the dates in advance of my completing the SBBL fixture list to avoid another clash if at all possible.

I should remind all clubs that my responsibility is to the SBBL, and it is up to clubs to manage their fixtures.  There were no total washouts this season, although one did come close due to thunderstorms.  There were also a number of matches postponed due to insufficient players, these were all re-arranged and played except for one match in div three, as both teams could not agree a date.  For some clubs getting a side together became a trial, however I would like to mention Peggy Griggs (Radwinter C) who I feel went above and beyond for the best part of the season. If it was not for her terrier spirit I feel we may well have lost another team.

The 1st rounds of the league and Walter Smith cups were drawn at the preseason meeting in March, the following rounds were drawn on the following Friday after the games. This was to have transparency in the draws. I see no reason to change this for the 2017 season.

The website continues to be a great asset, and with the tables now auto updating, it's made my job easier. For me the next thing would to suggest the information page is date specific, i.e. the last message entered to be at the top of the page.  There has been some unrest regarding my use of the new rule 15, although I fail to understand why it’s an issue, the rule is specific, and the task it relates to is not difficult to complete. There were less overall errors on result cards than the previous year, and as 2016 progressed the errors dropped off significantly.

For me the greater issue is the lack of communication within clubs. Clearly there is little or no information going from some club representatives who attend meetings, or from club secretaries that we send information to. I say this on the basis of the questions I am asked weeks after this information is given out.

 Kevin asked if any Club would object to the League fixtures being advised in early February 2017 and all Clubs agreed.

 Kevin was requested by Jo Young if the County Matches could be considered in future fixtures and    KN promised he will do so.   Kevin was also requested to show Walter Smith and League Cup round by round in the handbook  but KN said the draw was a fair and transparent way of showing the matches.

  Brian Moore, Chairman, thanked Kevin for all his dedicated hard work for the entire season and   also for working out the fixtures.


Competition Secretary report (AG).

CBS has sent out to all Clubs the letter from Tony Green (updated with next year’s deadline) and all application forms. Tony Green advised that apart from a couple of errors in the draws, which were resolved easily, he had few queries.

He did have some small issues with the website as the scores appeared to be over the names and also he occasionally did not have the time tom enter the scores too.

The Finals Day went well apart from a heavy shower later in the day and Castle Hedingham Bowls Club was excellent as mine hosts!

Tony was requested to have all rounds of the Competition in the handbook and he promised it will be done (as well as show them on the website).

The Chairman thanked Tony Green for his work as Competition Secretary.


Captains Report (AS).

1.      League Captains report: AS

I begin my report by saying how disappointed I am with the support I received from some Clubs in the League.  I am pleased however for the support from the Management Committee for our first event, The Dick Moody Tournament at Castle Camps. This was only the second time that I got a full team from the Committee in the eleven years I have been Captain. Unfortunately we did do as well this year only winning two of the six games that were played.

 The Champs vs The Rest: I did not know that the Fixture Secretary was going to be on holiday until the day before the match. I was chasing up trophies on the morning of the game even though this should not have been down to me. The day itself for me did not go very well. One team which did not arrive until after the start by twenty minutes. The weather on the day was not good and because of this the game was cut short .The game itself was eventually won by The Rest 102 shots to 80 shots.

Steve Laver’s rink won the glasses for “The Champs” and David Wright’s rink won the glasses for “The Rest”. There was not a raffle this year due to insufficient donations.  It would be appreciated in the future if players could donate a raffle prize.  I would like to thank “Castle Camps” and Radwinter for the use of their Club’s green this season.  We fix these events at previous Annual General Meeting. But still find that some Clubs also have events on the same date it would be appreciated if Clubs could try and avoid these dates when planning their fixtures. I am standing down as Captain as advised at the last AGM.  Finally I wish the League all the best for the future.

  Brian Moore, Chairman thanked Alan Smith for all the years of service to the League.


 NEW League rules to be proposed.

(a)    Walter Smith: The deadline to be reduced to five days instead of seven days for results. All agreed.

Dress Code: Rule 14 (f) .This will be revised to be revised to:

 All players shall wear for every match affiliated to the League the following:-

 A white or registered club colour top, tie and cravat is optional, and grey trousers – no players are to wear  jeans or jogging bottoms. (Ladies may wear grey trousers or skirt). Waterproof jackets/coats should be  white whenever possible. When a player represents the League they are NOT to wear their Club’s tops but    a white/top and men to wear a tie, not necessarily a League tie. This is for the Dick Moody Officers Trophy and also playing for “The Rest” in “The Champs vs The Rest”.

  NO players are to wear grey jeans or jogging   bottoms, but grey trousers and Ladies to wear grey skirts  or trousers. The dress code is mandatory for     Finals Day. Should a player arrive to play in these matches   and not be dressed accordingly the League will not allow the player to play.

After a lengthy discussion these revised rules were approved by everyone.


Application from Teams to enter the League.

There was one application from Cornard BC (were Delphi BC) and this was agreed by all. They will play in the    Third Division.  Kevin Nichols read out the format of each Division and this was agreed by all. The full list will be shown on the  Website.


 Election of Officers.

 (a)    President : Yvonne Lawrence was duly re-elected for another year .

 (b)    Chairman: Brian Moore was duly re- elected for another year.

 (c)    Secretary & Treasurer: Clive Stewart was duly re-elected for another year.

 (d)    Fixture/Result Secretary: Kevin Nichols was duly re-elected for another year.

 (e)    Competitions Secretary: Tony Green was duly re-elected for another year.

 (f)     League Captain: There were no nominations or a volunteer to take this role so the Management Committee will have to discuss the issue at the next Management Committee meeting. Brian Moore , Chairman, said he was very disappointed that no one was willing to support the League in this matter!


(g)    Management Committee members: Ray Farrant (Stoke by Clare) , Richard Young & Jo Young (Delphi), and Phillip Longstaff (Castle Hedingham) were all willing to stand again but again no one was willing to cover one vacancy and Brian Moore, Chairman said he was disappointed that not one person was willing to support the League even though at most we have three meetings a year ( not including the AGM).


2017 Dates of events and venues:

 (a)    Finals Day it was agreed by all that Castle Hedingham Bowls Club would be hosts again for the Finals Day on Saturday 2nd September.

 (b)    The Champs vs The Rest: After a lengthy discussion it was agreed by all that there should be this event and that all Clubs will support it. The venue was offered to Quendon BC as no other venue came forward for Saturday 9th September.

 (c) Buster Moore Charity Trophy-Sunday 13th August at Haverhill Town Bowls Club.

  This was again discussed at length and after a vote every Club said they would support the event. The net profit  on the day will be divided 50/50 for the League and a Charity chosen by The Haverhill Town Bowls Club.  Clive Stewart will send out notices and request for payment and Ken Follett has agreed to manage the day. He promises to prevent Teams waiting too long before playing.


The meeting concluded at 20:55hrs.