Wednesday 29th March 2017



Attended: Chairman: Brian Moore (Radwinter) ,President Yvonne Lawrence (Birdbrook) League Secretary and Treasurer Clive Stewart, League Captain Geoff Mann, Fixture & Resuts Secretary Kevin Nichols ( Stoke by Clare).

Management Committee members : Jo Young and Richard Young (Cornard) Ken Follett ( Cavendish) Phil Longstaff (Castle Hedingham) Alan Smith ( Cornard) and Ray Farrant ( Stoke by Clare).

Clubs represented : Balsham A & B ( Keith Cottage & Peter Day) Castle Camps ( Tom Walker) Castle Hedingham A,B ,C & D

( Brian Jones & Arthur Spackman) Cavendish A,B & C (Dave Wright, John Williamott & Brian Stack) Clare (Roger Crocombe) Clavering ( Don Smither & T.Monk) Cornard ( Roger Strohm & Steve Thompson) Haverhill Town A & B ( P.Hardwick, F.Jackson &P.Whitmore )  Karro ( David Taylor) Radwinter (Brian Hyett)  Steeple Bumpstead A & B ( Len Russell and Pat Russell) , Stoke by Clare ( Garnett Wright )  Sudbury (Ann Baker & Len Baker)

Apologies: Competiton Secretary : Tony Green

Presidents Welcome : Yvonne Lawrence.

Good evening fellow bowlers. Welcome to 2017 season .Let us hope we have a very successful season. Presidents Day this year has been changed to the beginning of our season .This will be held at Birdbrook Bowls Club on Sunday 7th May open the new year for 2017. Hope to see every Club on the day and the invitations will be sent out by 5th April.Can you all please mark this date in your diaries and let your Clubs know. Happy bowling to you all!

Chairman's report: Brian Moore

Brian Moore started by saying that it is great to see every Club being represented here tonight! He wished all an enjoyable 2017 season. We are here to enjoy and play bowls whatever the rules that we have agreed and we must all play in the right spirit.

Secretary's report: Clive Stewart.

Website: Sometimes I wonder what people think a website is all about , as I still receive emails and calls asking for "Information". I have been Secretary since 2009 and I remember John Tipton ( the previous Secretary)  saying to me that if anyone wants information tell them to look at the website first before calling the League Secretary ( he used to say that to you all too). So whenever I have a call/email I refer them to the website and tell them to look under "Information" . IF you feel anything is missing from the website please let me know. By the way it is NOT too late for any Club to promote their Club's activities for FREE on the website.

Handbook: This year the Registration forms were received on time -thank you. I did send the details to Clubs Secretaries to double check  so IF you find a mistake then let me know.Should any errors  be due to the information on the Registration form from the Club then it will be up to them to notify all the Clubs - if it is my error then I shall inform the Clubs.

Result Cards; Last year there were a number of Captains who did not complete the cards correctly  and they were penalised by deduction of points- the rules were agreed by you all!

I wondered how best to I could help reduce this matter so decided to have the cards printed double the size!

Lets hope it is easier for all Captains to complete the result cards correctly in 2017.

Brian Moore Chairman thanked Clive Stewrat for all his work in the winter months.

Fixture & Results Secretary: Kevin Nichols

All the fixtures were sent to every Club in early February ,as agreed by you all at the AGM, so that YOU could "appriove" them

KN proposed to do the same again in 2018 and every one agreed that was acceptable.

Clive Stewart said he had a few calls/emails in Janaury asking why the fixtures were not on the website-CBS referred them to the AGM Minutes.

The Draws for the Divisional Knockout and the Walter Smith Cup were made and the next day on the website!

Brian Moore thanked Kevin Nichols for all his work in the winter months and the season ahead.

Competition Secretary : Tony Green was absent so Clive Stewart gave the report on his behalf.

The Competitions are on the website and also every Round has been drawn in the handbook as requested at the AGM.

Can players please play their matches earlier if possible-it helps Tony a lot!

There were too many Clubs who competed the entry forms with the wording (re telephone/email addresses) as "same as last year" or "ditto". This was not very helpful.

Surely the Clubs can complete the forms properly - it is only once a year!

People do change their telephone numbers and email addresses.

CBS said that he could consider stating that wording in the handbook  next year so that more people can be inconvenienced!!!

Brian Moore thanked Tony Green in his absence for his work in the winter and the season ahead.

League Captain: Geoff Mann.

GM will be meeting with Alan Smith in the months ahead to prepare him to organise both The Dick Moody and The Champs vs The Rest. Clive Stewart will assist GM in communicating the information to all Clubs in the months ahead.

Brian Moore welcomed Geoff Mann as League captain and hopes that he will have a good 2017 and that he knows he has everyone's support.

Treasurer's report: Clive Stewart

Every Team paid their subscriptions on time and that was appreciated as the league has to pay some bills early eg 50% of the trophies before the order can be accepted by the supplier.

CBS advised that the up to date Statement of Income and Expenditure todate ( with Bank Statements ) has been distributed to all The Management Committee members.

This year before the Buster Moore Income it will show that the League will lose £600 .

CBS was asked for details of all expenditure which totalled over  £1800 in 2016/2017..and he read out the details despite these being available  at the AGM.

Anyone who would like to know precisely the League's financial position please contact CBS.

Brian Moore thanked Clive Stewart for his work in the year to date. 

Buster Moore Charity Cup: Ken Follett

Ken advised everyone that all the details are on the back page of the handbook ( as well as on the website).

This is an OPEN Competition and is not only a good day to play bowls but a fund raising event for the League and a Charity .

Please can every Club send at least one triple. By the way one Club has already stated they cannot do that!


Meeting ended 8.02 pm.